Mitel 5550 IP Phone User Manual

Quick Start Guide
Command Summary
Handling Recalls
Calls transferred to an extension but not answered within a specified time
return to the console.
To answer a recall:
• Press the [Recall] softkey.
Press ANSWER on the keypad.
You are now connected and may ask if the caller wants to continue
waiting or wants you to ring another extension.
Depending on what the caller wants, you have several options at this point:
– Press the [Redial DEST] softkey if the caller wants to continue
Dial another extension.
Press RELEASE on the keypad to disconnect the call.
When a call you transferred to an unanswered extension recalls, you can
press VOICEMAIL on the keypad to transfer the caller to the extension’s
voice mailbox.
Setting up a Conference Call
To set up a conference call:
With the two parties connected to the console - one in the Source area
and the other in the Destination area - press the [Conference] softkey.
To split a conference to speak privately to either caller:
• Press either the [Source] or [Destination] softkey.
To add more parties to a conference:
Dial the number of the next party.
• Press the [Conference] softkey.
If the line is busy or unanswered or the person is unavailable:
Press CANCEL on the keypad to reconnect to the conference. You
may continue dialing to add more parties to the conference.
To release the console from the conference:
Press RELEASE on the keypad.
Once you release the conference, you cannot re-enter it.
Answering a Call
Lift the handset.
Press ANSWER on the keypad
• Press the [F1] to [F7] softkey to answer a specific call.
The Call Waiting indicators ( ) on the screen tell you additional calls
are waiting. You must transfer or disconnect the current call, or put it on
hold, before answering a new call.
Note: Pressing ANSWER automatically transfers the current call
to the dialed destination and answers the first call in the call-waiting
Transferring a Call
Dial the destination number.
• Press RELEASE on the keypad to complete the transfer
and disconnect the call from the console.
Correcting a Misdialed Number
Press CANCEL on the keypad, and then redial the number.
Recovering the Last Call
You can recover a call you transferred to an extension by mistake.
Press RECOVER immediately after completing the transfer.
Putting Calls On Hold
Inform the caller that you are placing him or her on hold.
Press HOLD on the keypad.
Retrieving Held Calls
Press RETRIEVE and then dial the position number of the
call (1-6) you want to retrieve.
Menu Command = Console keypad key [Fn] = Console Softkey = Computer keyboard key
Account Codes
Answer Call
Call Forward — Cancel on Extension
Call Forward — Cancel on All Extensions
Call Park
Clear All Extension Features
Conference Call — Setup
Conference Call — Add more parties
Day/Night Service
DND — Set/Cancel
DND — Cancel on all Extensions
Handset/Headset - Enable/Disable
Hold — Place
Hold — Retrieve
Last Number Redial
Make Internal Call
Make External Call
Message Waiting — Set/Cancel
Message Waiting — Check Status
Microphone Mute
Operator Absent/Present
Override (Interrupt Busy Extension)
Phone Book
Recalls - Answering
Recover Last Call
Ringer Mute
Serial Call — Setup
Serial Call — Extend
Serial Call — End
Tone Signaling
Traffic Monitoring (Trunk Status)
Transfer Call
Transfer Recall to Voicemail
Volume — Handset/Headset
Volume — Ringer
Call Handling
Dial Account Code Access Code + dial Account Code + press # + continue dialing
ANSWER (First Call Waiting) OR [F1] to [F7] (Selective Answer)
Program > Cancel Station CFWD or Cancel Station CFFM + Enter extension number + Click Yes + Click Quit
Program > Cancel All CFWD + Click Yes
Put call on Hold + PAGER + Dial zone code (if required) + Announce Call Park Retrieve code and Hold position number
Program > Cancel Station Feature + Enter extension number + Click Yes + Click Quit
With 2 parties connected to the console, select [Conference]
Dial number + [Conference] after the called party answers
Select Day, Night Service 1 or Night Service 2 from
Program > Set Station DND or Cancel Station DND + Enter extension number + Click Yes
Program > Cancel All DND + Click Yes
Plug handset/headset into keypad + Select Using Handset or Using Headset from
RETRIEVE + dial the position number of the call (1-6)
Dial Last Number Redial code
Dial number OR use Phone Book
Dial prefix (e.g. 9) + telephone number
MESSAGE + [Set MSG Waiting] OR [Clear MSG Waiting] + Dial extension number + CANCEL OR RELEASE
MESSAGE + [Check MSG Waiting] + Dial extension number + CANCEL
Press the button above the key on the console keypad
Select Operator Absent or Operator Present from
[Override] (Following Override, press RELEASE to disconnect busy extension or CANCEL to reconnect to Source)
PAGER + Dial zone code (if required) + Announce + CANCEL to end page
PHONE BOOK + Type entry + [Search] (if necessary, press + to select entry + [Call] to call selected entry
ANSWER OR [Recall]
RECOVER immediately after releasing the call
Select Ringer On or Ringer Off from
While connected to requesting party, [Set Serial Call] + Dial extension number + RELEASE
When requesting party recalls, ANSWER Dial extension number + RELEASE
After transferring the requesting party to the last extension, [Cancel Serial]
While on a call, press TONES + Dial digits. Press TONES again to turn off tone signaling.
TRUNK STATUS + Select Trunk Groups OR Digits Dialed + [Search]
Dial destination number + RELEASE OR Wait for answer + RELEASE
Answer the Recall + VOICEMAIL
While on a call, press key on keypad
While console is ringing, press key on keypad
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