Mitel 5505 IP Phone User Manual

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Muting Your Call
You can mute your handset during a call so
your caller no longer hears you.
Press the Mute key .
Press the Mute key again to
unmute the call.
Using the Phonebook
Certain numbers are stored in the
Phonebook, such as room service, front
desk, and so forth.
1. Press the Phonebook key.
2. Scroll up or down until you
reach your selection.
3. Press to call the person.
Using the Last Number Redial List
The last 10 numbers dialed are stored.
1. Press and hold
2. Scroll up or down until you
reach your selection.
3. Press to dial the number.
Using Speed Dial Keys
Dial keys 1-5 contain speed keys to the
front desk, housekeeping and so forth. They
match the 5 speed dial keys on the base
Press and hold one of keys 1-5 on the
dial pad.
The number is dialed automatically.
Joining a Call on the Base Station
You can join the conversation. Only one
handset can join.
Retrieving Messages
Press the Message key .
Changing the Handset Volume
While on a call, press the Volume
Control key up.
Then press up or down to adjust the
Using the Menu
Use the Menu key to set the alarm or adjust
the settings of the handset.
Press the Menu key (see below).
Scroll down until you reach your
Press OK. Continue to scroll to the
desired setting, and enter the needed
Turning the Handset On/Off
Press and hold
Making a Call
Press or and dial the
number OR
Dial the number and press or
NOTE: If the quality of the voice degrades
during a call, you are walking out
range. The call will drop out of range.
Answering a Call
Press for handsfree.
Ending a Call
Press to end a call.
Turn the Ringer Off
Press and hold the * key
5505 Guest IP Phone (Cordless)
1 Battery Status
2 Display Keys
3 Message Key
4 Handsfree Key
5 Volume Control Key
6 Talk Key
7 Phonebook Key
8 End Call/ On/Off Key
9 Ringer On/Off
10 Key Pad Lock On/Off
11 Not Used
12 Microphone
13 Microphone off key