Mitel 5320e IP Phone User Manual

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Display Speaker
Ring/Message Indicator Mute
Volume, Speaker and Mute Controls Menu
Fixed Function Keys Cancel
Dial Pad Redial
Navigation Page Keys Hold
Programmable Feature Keys and Softkeys Transfer/Conference
Speaker Message
Make a Call
Lift the handset OR
Press .
Dial the number OR
Press a Speed Call key OR
Press OR
Dial the prefix for external calls (e.g. 9) and the
Answer a Call
Lift the handset OR
Press , and begin speaking.
End a Call
Press OR
Replace the handset.
Place a Call on Hold
Press . The line key flashes.
Replace the handset if necessary.
Retrieve a Call from Hold
Lift the handset OR
Press .
Press the flashing line key.
Retrieve a Message
Press . It flashes when a message is
Follow the voice mail prompts to retrieve your
Transfer a Call
Press .
Dial the number. Wait for an answer.
Hang up OR announce the transfer and then
hang up.
Conference a Call
Press .
Dial the number. Wait for an answer.
Press .
Program a Speed Call
Speed Call can only be programmed on SIP
phones via the Web Configuration Tool.
Adjust Volume Levels
Adjust ringer volume while the phone is ringing.
Adjust handset or speaker volume while using the
handset or speaker.
Press repeatedly to raise the volume OR
repeatedly to lower the volume.
Press to mute your microphone.
NOTE: For more information about using other features and applications on your 5320e SIP Phone,
refer to 5320e /5330e/5340e SIP Phone User Guide located at, or contact your