Mitel 5230 IP Phone User Manual

Quick Reference Guide
he 5230 IP Appliance uses your Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) as an
intuitive interface to your Mitel Networks™ telephone system. With the 5230
IP Appliance PDA Applications installed on your PDA, you can, for example, make
calls from your Contact list, synchronize your data and les, view a list of your voice
mails, or share les with other 5230 IP Appliance users, from either your 5230 IP
Appliance, or any other 5230 IP Appliance on your network.
To enable the full functionality of your 5230 IP Appliance, insert your PDA in your
5230 IP Appliance. While your PDA is in the 5230 IP Appliance, it functions the
same way as if it was in its synchronization cradle.
You can still use the 5230 IP Appliance without the PDA, but you will not have
access to all of its features.
Note: Every time you dock your PDA in a 5230 IP Appliance, you must tap the
Connect PDA softkey in your PDA Phone application to activate it.
For more information on using your 5230 IP Appliance and the 5230 IP Appliance
PDA Applications, see the 5230 IP Appliance User Guide, or the Online Help
installed with the 5230 IP Appliance PDA Applications.
The 5230 IP Appliance:
Speakers - The 5230 has two mono speakers for maximum sound clarity.
Stylus Holder - To hold your PDA stylus.
Call Indicator Light - Flashes when a line is ringing.
Telephony Feature Keys - There are four telephony feature keys:
Message - Flashes when you have a Callback Message or a new voice
mail. Use to view a Callback Message or access your voice mailbox.
Hold - Use to place a call on Hold or remove a call from Hold.