Mitel 5212 IP Phone User Manual

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Quick Reference Guide
Make a Call
v Lift the handset, or
q Press .
s Dial the number, or
t Press a Speed Call key, or
r Press , or
s Dial the prefix for external calls (e.g. 9) and
the number.
Answer a Call
v Lift the handset, or
q Press , and begin speaking.
End a Call
r Press , or
v Replace the handset.
Place a Call on Hold
r Press .
The line key flashes.
v Replace the handset if necessary.
Retrieve a Call from Hold
v Lift the handset, or
q Press .
t Press the flashing line key.
Retrieve a Message
r Press . It flashes when a message
is waiting.
Follow the voice mail prompts to retrieve
your message.
Transfer a Call
r Press .
s Dial the number. Wait for an
v Hang up, or announce the transfer
and then hang up.
Conference a Call
r Press .
s Dial the number. Wait for an answer.
r Press .
Program a Speed Call
r Press .
o Press No until Personal Keys? appears.
o Press Yes.
t Press a Personal Key.
o Press Change.
o Press Yes for Speed Call?
s Dial the number, or
r Press (to redial the last number).
o Press Priv to make the number private.
o Press Save.
r Press .
Adjust Volume Levels
Adjust ringer volume while the phone is
ringing. Adjust handset or speaker volume
while using the handset or speaker.
q Press repeatedly to raise the volume,
or repeatedly to lower the volume.
q Press to mute the microphone. Refer to
the 5212/5224 IP Phone User Guide.
Note: For more information about using Mute or other features, or about programming
Personal Keys on your 5224 IP Phone, refer to the 5212/5224 IP Phone User Guide
located at, or contact your Administrator.
Mitel 5224 IP Phone
n Display
o Softkeys
p Ring/Message Indicator
q Volume, Speaker, and Mute Controls
r Fixed-Function Keys
s Key Pad
t Personal Keys
u Speaker
v Handset
Fixed-Function Keys