Linksys SPA941 IP Phone User Manual

Model No.
Quick Installation
A Division of Cisco Systems, Inc.
Model No.
Before You Begin Install the IP Telephony System
Make sure you have the following:
IP Telephony System
One or more Internet phones
(for example, Linksys SPA-family
IP Phones, model number:
A router and cable/DSL
modem (or gateway)
One or more Ethernet network
switches (so you can connect
Internet phones or computers)
At least one active Internet
phone service account and its
settings if you want to make
external calls
An active Internet connection
if you want to make external
At least one computer for
configuration of the System
and Internet phones
Two or more Ethernet network
Analog telephones or fax
machines (optional)
A Plug an analog telephone
into the Phone 1 port of the
System. (optional)
B If you have a second
analog telephone or fax
machine, plug it into the
Phone 2 port. (optional)
C Connect an Ethernet
network cable to the
Internet port of the System.
Connect the other end to
one of the Ethernet ports on
your router.
D Connect a different
Ethernet network cable to
the Ethernet port of the
System. Then connect the
other end to the computer
you will use to manage the
System (this will be the
administration computer).
E Connect the included
power adapter to the Power
port of the System, and then
plug the power adapter into
an electrical outlet.
F Launch the web browser on
the administration
G Enter
voice/advanced in the
Address field. Press Enter.
H The Voice - Info screen will
appear. Click the SIP tab.
I In the PBX Parameters
section, select WAN for the
Proxy Network Interface.
J Click Submit All Changes.
K The Voice - Info screen will
appear. Click the Router
L Click the WAN Setup tab.
M For the Connection Type,
select Static IP.
N In the Static IP Settings
section, complete the
following fields:
Static IP - Enter a static IP
address appropriate for
your network. Write this
down; you will use it later.
NetMask - Enter the subnet
mask of your router.
Gateway - Enter the local IP
address of your router or
IP Telephony System
O In the Optional Settings
section, complete the
Primary DNS field.
Primary DNS - Enter the DNS
IP address of your router.
P In the Remote
Management section,
select yes from the Enable
WAN Web Server
drop-down menu.
Q Click Submit All Changes.
R The Router - Status screen
will appear. Verify that the
following settings match
your entries:
• WAN Connection Type -
Static IP
• Current IP
• Current NetMask
• Current Gateway
• Primary DNS
Proceed to the next section.
IMPORTANT: Do not connect the
Phone port to a telephone wall jack.
Make sure you only connect a
telephone or fax machine to the
Phone port. Otherwise, the System or
the telephone wiring in your home or
office may be damaged.
Package Contents
IP Telephony System
Power Adapter
RJ-45 Ethernet Cable
Quick Installation
Cable/DSL Modem
For first-time installation of the System, Linksys strongly recommends that you
run the Setup Wizard, which you can download from For
advanced users, you may follow the instructions in this Quick Installation.
NOTE: For best results, use a
switch that offers QoS (Quality of
Service) and full wire-speed
switching. QoS enables the switch to
give top priority to voice traffic, while
full wire-speed switching lets it
forward packets as fast as your
network can deliver them. The next
best choice is a QoS (Quality of
Service) switch.
A Typical Scenario
NOTE: is the default
local IP address of the System.
NOTE: Make sure your router will
not assign the System’s IP address to
any other device. For example, you
can assign an IP address outside of
your router’s DHCP IP address range;
however, it must be within the
router’s subnet range.
For information about IP addressing,
refer to the router’s documentation.