Linksys MB100 IP Phone User Manual

Quick Installation
Model No.
Wall Mount Bracket for
Linksys SPA900 Series
IP Phones
Mounting Bracket for
Linksys IP Phones
Enables a phone to be
mounted on a wall
Convenient tray to hold
optional Wi-Fi or PoE dongle
Universal design fits all Linksys
SPA900 Series IP Phones
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121 Theory Drive
Irvine, CA 926127USA
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MB100-QI-61130NC LH
To attach the Mounting Bracket (MB),
align the two cleats on the MB with the
holes in the phone’s base.
Orient the MB such that the phone’s
Ethernet and handset ports are
accessible after installation.
Push the MB onto the phone’s base.
Slide the MB upwards to lock it in place.
Plug in the Ethernet and power cables.
Hang onto screws mounted in the wall.
If a Wi-Fi or PoE dongle is installed (optional),
place in the tray.