Huey Chiao HCB10 Bluetooth Headset User Manual

please recharge your Headset.
2. If after recharging for 20 minutes, the Headset does not turn
on: For initial use, the power will be on after charging the
Headset at least for 40 minutes. It is suggested to fully re-
3. Does not show the recharging sign: When the battery is com-
pletely exhausted or the Headset has not been used for a long
time, when charging, the red indicator light will be lit after a
few minutes.
4. You hear no sound coming from the Headset:
- Make sure the Headset has been paired with the other Blue-
tooth device.
- Make sure the Headset is on.
- Make sure the distance between the Headset and the paired
Bluetooth device is within 10 meters.
- Make sure your mobile phone has a good signal.
- Some Bluetooth mobile phones support only one Headset, if
you pair it with more than one Headset, it may cause the other
Headsets being cut off.
22. Storage of the Headset
- Using the non-original accessories, it may debase the product’s
termination of the warranty.
- Do not disassemble the Headset, it may damage the Headset
accidentally or cause the warranty invalidation.