Handspring Visor Edge PDAs & Smartphones User Manual

The Handspring Visor Edge is the
thinnest, infinitely expandable hand-
held computer. It’s a slim, sleek,
rechargeable Palm OS
with endless expansion possibilities.
And because the Visor Edge has a
unique detachable Springboard
slot, it’s completely expandable when
you need it, and incredibly thin when
you don’t. Plus, it’s plug-and-play so
there are no drivers to load. Just snap
in a Springboard module—like a phone,
digital camera, MP3 player, and more—
and it works!
Based on the popular Palm OS, the
Visor Edge has powerful organising
capabilities. In addition to an address
book, to do list, and memo pad, there
are extra features like an enhanced
date book, advanced calculator and a
world clock. Plus, it has new usability
features like Fast Lookup, silent alarms,
infrared synchronisation, handy address
duplication, improved security, and
enhanced navigation. And, since it
uses the Palm OS, you can download
thousands of Palm-compatible
applications, transfer all your
existing Palm organiser data with
one touch, and beam information
to other Palm users.
When it comes to synchronising, the
USB connection makes everything
amazingly fast and easy. Using the
USB cradle and HotSync
you can back up, update or exchange
information between your Visor Edge
handheld and desktop computer
in seconds.
What’s more, the Visor Edge is
rechargeable, so you’ll never have to
deal with batteries again. The Visor
Edge lasts for weeks on a single charge
(based on normal usage; individual
experience may vary) and recharges
quickly—right in the cradle! And while
we’re on the subject of speed, the Visor
Edge is incredibly fast, too, allowing
you to instantly access all your data and
view crisp grayscale graphics.
The Visor Edge has other great features
too, like a metal flip cover for screen
protection without compromising size,
a sleek metal stylus, and a choice of
3 metallic colours—red, blue and
The incredibly thin,
infinitely expandable
handheld computer.