Handspring Visor Prism PDAs & Smartphones User Manual

The Handspring Visor Prism is the
first infinitely expandable full-color
handheld computer. This pocket-sized
wonder displays over 65,000 vibrant
colors so everything is crisper, brighter
and easier to read. And, with the
unique Springboard
slot, you can snap in a digital camera
or global positioning system and
instantly view full-color photos and
maps. Best of all, it’s plug-and-play
so there are no drivers to load. Just
snap in a module and it works!
Based on the popular Palm OS
Visor Prism does everything the
organizer does…and more.
So, in addition to an address book,
to do list and memo pad, there are
new features like an enhanced date
book, advanced calculator and a world
clock to make its organizational
capabilities even better. And, since
it uses the Palm OS, you can beam
information with other Palm users
or download thousands of existing
Palm-compatible applications,
including those with color.
And if all that weren’t enough, the
USB connection makes synchronizing
with your desktop computer really
fast—and really easy. Which means
you can quickly back up, update or
exchange information between your
Visor Prism handheld and desktop
computer with the USB charging
cradle and HotSync
And the Visor Prism’s internal battery
recharges right in the cradle.
The Visor Prism comes in one great
color on the outside—with 65,536 more
displayed on your screen. Plus there are
lots of accessories to choose from like
custom cases, keyboards and styli.
The infinitely expandable
handheld computer with
vivid color.