GE 27951 Conference Phone User Manual

Black plate (24,1)
Cadillac Escalade/Escalade ESV Owner Manual - 2011
9-24 Driving and Operating
Recovery Hooks
These hooks, when used, are
under a lot of force. Always pull
the vehicle straight out. Never pull
on the hooks at a sideways angle.
The hooks could break off and
you or others could be injured
from the chain or cable
snapping back.
Notice: Never use recovery
hooks to tow the vehicle. Your
vehicle could be damaged and
it would not be covered by
For vehicles with recovery hooks at
the front of the vehicle, you can use
them if you are stuck off-road and
need to be pulled to some place
where you can continue driving.
Vehicle Load Limits
It is very important to know how
much weight your vehicle can
carry. This weight is called the
vehicle capacity weight and
includes the weight of all
occupants, cargo, and all
nonfactory-installed options.
Two labels on your vehicle
show how much weight it was
designed to carry, the Tire and
Loading Information label and
the Certification/Tire label.