Fujitsu 600 PDAs & Smartphones User Manual
Pocket LOOX is the new handheld from Fujitsu Siemens Computers. It supports the user with
integrated connectivity and expansion capabilities through its Compact Flash Card,
SD/MMCard slots and 2
battery plug-on module. The wide range of possible CF Type II Card
solutions such as GPS, WLAN, storage and modem, together with the synchronous usage of
SD/MMCard (Multimediacard) storage solutions, opens the field for the use of Pocket LOOX as
a serious business tool.
Simply connect via the integrated Bluetooth
module to your notebook or Desktop and
synchronize calendar entries, contacts, your inbox, programs and files. Join into a
hot spot and browse the web, look for new E-mails and get information. Insert a
WLAN CF Card and move through your company staying connected. Or get connected every
time and everywhere with a GPRS CF Card. Pocket LOOX the mobile office in your hand.
Key Features:
§ Wireless data transmission with the
integrated Bluetooth
§ Freedom of expandability due to the
integrated SD/MMCard slot and CF Card
slot type II
§ Designed for advanced one hand usage
with Fujitsu Siemens SpeedMenu
§ A lightweight of only 175g
§ Lithium Polymer battery 1520mAh for long
operation time
§ Brilliant reflective colour TFT TouchScreen
display for indoor and outdoor usage
§ Maximum power with Intel PXA250
Applications Processor based on Intel
XScale microarchitecture
§ Microsoft Pocket PC 2002 software
Pocket LOOX 600
The modular handheld
Data Sheet
Hardware product handheld
Issue October 2002