Fujitsu 4XX PDAs & Smartphones User Manual
Extend your Pocket LOOX 4xx to your needs. More convenience for your business trips and
more functionality enabling easy working.
Fujitsu Siemens Computers offers a vast range of accessories for your Pocket LOOX 4xx:
cradle station, power supply devices, different storage media, wireless connectivity cards and
special cases that provide maximum protection while transportation.
High quality and stability
Reliability of delivery
Everything you need from one company
Accessories which fit perfectly to your
Pocket LOOX 4xx
Easy-to-use accessories
Optimized ergonomics
Quick and easy insertion or removal
Easy access to interfaces
Pocket LOOX 4xx accessories for
differentiated demands
Protecting and comfortable cases
High mobility through connectivity options
Convenient working with external keyboard
and mouse
Storage media
Power accessories let your
Pocket LOOX 4xx never run out of power
and more
STYLISTIC accessories
Data Sheet Product Issue September 2003
Pocket LOOX 4xx Accessories
More convenience and
additional functionality
Data Sheet Mobile Accessories Issue Ma