Cisco Systems 500 Series IP Phone User Manual

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Regulatory Compliance and Safety Information
for the Cisco Secure Router 500 Series
Read this document before installing or servicing the Cisco Secure Router 520 Series router.
Note Only trained and qualified service personnel (as defined in IEC 60950-1) should service the equipment.
Install the system in accordance with the U.S. National Electric Code if you are in the United States.
This document includes the following sections:
Translated Safety Warnings, page 1
European Directives, page 33
California Perchlorate Contamination Prevention Act (Title 22, California Code of Regulations,
Chapter 33), page 35
Standards Compliance, page 35
EMC Class A Notices and Warnings, page 37
Japanese Electric Appliance and Radio Laws, page 39
Telecom Approvals Listing, page 40
Obtaining Documentation, Obtaining Support, and Security Guidelines, page 42
Translated Safety Warnings
The following statements include translations in multiple languages of the warnings that might appear
in the Cisco Secure Router 520 Series router documents:
Statement 1071—Warning Definition, page 2
Statement 12—Power Supply Disconnection Warning, page 8
Statement 19—TN Power Warning, page 9
Statement 43—Jewelry Removal Warning, page 10
Statement 94—Wrist Strap Warning, page 12