Casio PA-2400 PDAs & Smartphones User Manual

Cassiopeia PA2400
asio’s CASSIOPEIA PA-2400 is the ideal computing device for large and small mobile field force applications.
It has been designed to accept most any data type or format for input and to receive or send data either from a landline modem or wirelessly.
Ideal for mobile applications:
The CASSIOPEIA PA-2400 improves productivity for many industries, including:
• Healthcare
–Doctor’s productivity tool:EMR/CPR, electronic prescription pad
–Nursing productivity tool: data collection,bar code scanning
–Home healthcare tool:data collection, government mandated documentation
• Merchandisers: daily route information,in store inventory,onsite receipt printing.
• Sales force automation: daily calls,last account activity,new account activity
synchronization with head office.
• Service automation
• Route Delivery
Configurable for most any application:
At Casio Business Solutions, it is our objective to make the PA-2400 as versatile and
functional as possible by accommodating almost any application.We have the resources
to help you design a custom solution built around your existing application/network
infrastructure.As well,we have developed protective custom carry cases, external long
life batteries and even a pen size laser bar code scanner.Recently,we added digital
camera image capabilities to our systems, and with Casio’s newest cameras we can send
images via IrRa.
Tablet form factor:
Even though the CASSIOPEIA PA-2400 fits in your coat pocket,you don’t have to put
up with those annoyingly small screens of the other pocket devices.The CASSIOPEIA
PA-2400’s screen measures 5.9”(diagonally), twice the size of the palm-sized devices.You
don’t need to scroll through multiple screens to fill in your application,and in most cases
you need less than half the number of screens required on other palm-sized devices.
Multiple data input methods:
The CASSIOPEIA PA-2400 supports multiple data input methods for many different
types of applications. Its applications are predominantly written for the Point and Click
method of input, making data entry or look-
up a snap.With pre-installed handwriting
recognition software,data can be entered
by writing directly on the screen.It is then
automatically converted to text and entered
into the active field.
The CASSIOPEIA PA-2400 has been
designed for multiple communication
methods.Whether you need landline
modems, LAN/WAN wireless, CDPD
modems, docking stations or even IrDa
communication,the CASSIOPEIA
PA-2400 has been designed and
qualified for them all.