Carcomm CHFS-98 PDAs & Smartphones User Manual

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Contents of the Hands Free PDA Carkit set:
This installation manual has been prepared to provide the basic information needed to install the
Hands Free Carkit. This manual is not intended to be definitive, because there are different models
and types of vehicles which will require different installation work. The information given is for
general guidance only.
The terms of warranty demand that this Hands Free Carkit set is installed by an experienced
installer. An end-user should never attempt to install this Hands Free Carkit without professional
assistance as the installation requires special tools and knowledge.
Note: Thoroughly read the manual before beginning the installation procedure.
1. Ensure that the vehicle’s battery is disconnected before you start the installation procedure
and that it remains disconnected during the procedure.
2. Do not smoke or use open flames when working near the vehicle’s fuel system.
3. Ensure that the vehicle’s electrical cables, hydraulic lines, fuel lines and safety equipment are
not damaged during the installation.
4. Ensure that normal control and operation of the vehicle is not impaired by the
installation, particularly the brakes and steering. Ensure that airbag operation is not obstructed.
5. Electronic and other sophisticated systems (for example speed control, ABS anti-lock
brake, fuel injection-, navigation- and airbag systems) are relatively immune to malfunction
caused by nearby radio transmissions. Should you experience false operation of these systems
or are in any doubt whatsoever as to their functionality, please consult the vehicle’s dealer.
6. The Hands Free Carkit set is suitable for use only in vehicles with a 12V negative grounding.
Use on other supply voltages or alternative polarity will damage the equipment.
7. The PDA should not be left switched on for extended periods without running the vehicle’s engine.
Failure to comply could drain the vehicle’s battery.
Handsfree DSP Unit
PDA Cradle
Rotating Swivel
Microphone CHCM-14
Powercable CIPC-14
Screw Sets
Carcomm Bluetooth GPS Receiver
CCAC-06 Mini-USB Adaptor cable to charge Bluetooth GPS receivers
Speaker CHCS-05
Gooseneck Microphone CHFM-14
ISO Power Cable CIPC-26
External Antenna Adaptor CPAA-03
There are some important aspects that require special attention in positioning the carkit’s
accessories. The location of the PDA Cradle should be positioned so that the visibility of the PDA’s
display is good and the driver is not distracted. The location of the PDA Cradle should allow the
driver to easily reach the touchscreen. Under no circumstances should the PDA Cradle prevent
the driver from controlling or operating the vehicle in any way. For easy installation there is a
Carcomm car specific Safety-Mount® available separately. This allows you to mount the cradle
onto your dashboard without damaging it. Some drilling can be neccessary to mount the cradle onto
the Safety-Mount®. You can use the pattern to the right to see hole positions.
The microphone should be installed as close to the driver’s mouth as possible and attached to a
surface that is mechanically quiet. The microphone should be mounted at least 1 meter from
the speaker to avoid acoustic feedback.
Safety-Mount® pattern
Compatible devices
HTC P4350
CHFS-98 HTC P4350CHFS-98 HTC P4350
Hands Free DSP PDA CarkitHands Free DSP PDA Carkit