Binatone 2005 TRIPLE Cordless Telephone User Manual

If you turn on the Auto Answer, you can answer a call automatically by just
1. Press <MENU/OK> and <UP/DOWN> to select HS SETTINGS.
2. Press <MENU/OK> and <UP/DOWN> to select AUTO ANSWER.
3. Press <MENU/OK> and <UP/DOWN> to turn on or off the auto answer
4. Press <MENU/OK> to confirm.
lifting the cordless handset off the charger without having to press any key.
Base Settings
This operation should only be necessary if one of your handsets becomes
Note: You cannot de-register the handset that you are currently using.
1. Press <MENU/OK> and <UP/DOWN> to select BS SETTINGS.
2. Press <MENU/OK> and <UP/DOWN> to select DELETE HS.
3. Press <MENU/OK> to show PIN?
4. Enter the 4-digit system PIN.
5. Press <MENU/OK> and the first registered handset number is shown.
6. Press <UP/DOWN> to step through the list of registered handsets and
7. Press <MENU/OK> to confirm, and the chosen handset will be
select the one that you want to de-register.
faulty or lost and needs to be replaced.
You will need to enter the 4-digit system PIN in order to de-register a
handset from the base station. (The default PIN is 0000.)
A de-registered handset will have the antenna icon flashing and
REGISTER on the display.
1. Press <MENU/OK> and <UP/DOWN> to select BS SETTINGS.
2. Press <MENU/OK> and <UP/DOWN> to select DIAL MODE.
3. Press <MENU/OK> and <UP/DOWN> to select TONE or PULSE.
4. Press <MENU/OK> to confirm.
You should normally leave the dialling mode at its default setting of TONE
(also called DTMF) unless the phone is connected to an old exchange that
only recognises PULSE dialling.
(The current setting is indicated by an asterisk to the right.)
8.3.6 Set the Auto Answer
8.4.1 De-register a Handset
8.4.2 Change the Dial Mode