Binatone 2005 TRIPLE Cordless Telephone User Manual

1. During a call, put the corded handset on the corded base cradle.
If you are using the speakerphone, press <SPEAKER> to end the call.
In idle mode, press <REDIAL> on the corded base. If there is a redial
number, the number will dial out in speakerphone mode.
There are 3 direct memory keys (M1 to M3) on the corded base for you to
store frequent use numbers, of up to 24 digits each.
If more that 24 digits are entered, only the first 24 digits are stored.
4.13 Ending a Call
4.14 Dialling the Last Redial Number
4.15 Direct Memory Keys
4.15.1 Saving a Number in a Direct Memory Key
Lift up the corded handset to switch the call to the earpiece mode.
1. In idle mode, press <M1>, <M2> or <M3> to dial the number stored in
the direct memory keys via speakerphone.
Note : If the selected direct memory key is empty, an error tone is emitted
4.11 Making a Call From Direct Memory Keys
Lift up the corded handset to switch the call to the earpiece mode.
1. Pick up the corded handset or press <SPEAKER> to answer the
4.12 Answering a Call
1. In idle mode, press STORE.
If there is already a number in your selected direct memory
key, the new number will replace the previous number.
2. Enter the phone number.
Note: The Direct Memory Key stores cannot be cleared completely.
To remove a number, you can only overwrite it with a new number.
incoming call.
via speakerphone and the corded base will return to idle mode.
<M1>, <M2> or <M3> to store the number in that memory.