Binatone 2005 TRIPLE Cordless Telephone User Manual

Using a cordless handset:
4.1 Make a Call
4.1.1 Preparatory Dialling
Enter the phone number and press <TALK> or <SPEAKERPHONE> to
dial the number. When entering the number, if you make a mistake,
4.1.2 Direct Dialling
Press <TALK> or <SPEAKERPHONE> to connect to the line and then enter
4.1.3 Call from the phonebook
4.1.4 Call from the Call List
Press <UP/CALLS> to go to the most recent entry in the Call List and press
<UP/DOWN> to select the desired Call List entry. Press <TALK> or
<SPEAKERPHONE> to dial out the selected Call List entry.
Press <DOWN/REDIAL> to access the redial list and press <UP/DOWN> to
select the desired redial number. Press <TALK> or <SPEAKERPHONE> to
dial out the selected redial number.
4.1.6 Call Timer
Your handset automatically times the duration of every call. The call timer
will display as soon as you answer a call or 15 seconds after dialling, and
remains on the screen for 5 seconds after the end of a call. It is shown in
4.2 Answer a Call
If the handset is not on the charger:
When the phone rings, press <TALK> / <SPEAKERPHONE> to answer
Note: If AUTO ANSWER is set ON, then lifting the handset off the charger
will answer the call automatically and no buttons need to be pressed.
a call.
hours, minutes and seconds format (HH:MM:SS).
with the <C/MUTE> key.)
press <C/MUTE> to delete digits.
the phone number. (Note: if you enter a wrong digit you cannot correct it
Press <MENU/OK> and <UP/DOWN> to access the phonebook and press
<MENU/OK> and <UP/DOWN> to select the desired phonebook entry.
Press <TALK> or <SPEAKERPHONE> to dial out the selected phonebook
4.1.5 Call from the Redial List
Note: From idle, you can also access the Call List, by pressing <MENU/OK>