Audiovox FR-230 Two-Way Radio User Manual

Owner’s Manual
Model FR-230
Two Way Family Radio
Customer Service
Rev NC Released on 4-21-99.
Rev A 4/22/99 Changed Phone # to 1-800-645-4994
Rev B 4/27/99 1st production-Changed bat save time
to 5 sec
Rev C 5/11/99 2nd production-Added audio button
conformation tones, monitor lock, corrected LCD to
LED, added Family radio service to dwgs, changed
turn on from instant to 2 sec button press. Added low
bat on call, up, down and powersave, corrected
callout 9,10 on p6.
Rev D 5/27/99 3rd production-removed batt low
indicator from all functions except low batt condition,
added dim verticle bar flash on pwr save, beep tones
on function button press.
Family Radio Service