Airlink101 ASW308P PDAs & Smartphones User Manual

Ver. 1.0
Package Contents:
Switch with 4-Port PoE
Power Adapter
Rubber Feet Cushion (4)
Quick Installation Guide
Model # ASW308P
Section 1
Quick Installation Guide
8-Port 10/100Mbps Switch with 4-Port PoE
Thank you for purchasing the 8-Port 10/100Mbps Switch with 4-Port Power over
Ethernet (PoE).
PoE delivers power and data through one single Category 5 (Cat-5) Ethernet
cable, eliminating the need to have AC power available at every location of the
end-devices such as WLAN access points, IP telephones, and IP cameras. PoE
is already widely adopted in the market, saving up to 50% of overall installation
costs by eliminating the need to install separate electrical wiring and power
The Switch can auto-transform between MDI-II or MDI-X type, so you can connect
your network devices without worrying about using a standard or crossover
Ethernet cable.
Please follow the instructions in this guide to setup the Switch properly.
Section 2
Connecting the Switch
Ports 1 - 4: These ports are PoE-enabled ports. Connect any PoE compatible
device to these ports and the Switch will automatically supply power through these
ports. If you connect a legacy device that is not PoE compatible, the Switch will
not deliver power to the legacy device. This feature allows you to freely and safely
mix legacy and PoE compatible devices on your network. The total power
resource of the system is 30 watt sharing among the 4 PoE ports (maximum
power per port is 15.4 watt).
Ports 5 - 8: These ports are standard Ethernet ports. Connect any legacy device
to these ports.
Power Jack: Plug the supplied Power Adapter to the power jack to power on the
On: When the Power LED lights, the Switch is receiving power.
Off: When the Power LED is off, the Switch is not receiving power.
PoE Status
Green: A PoE device is connected and the port is supplying power.
Red: When the PoE port has the following problem:
PoE power circuit shortage
Power over PoE’s classification
Out of PoE voltage range of 44 ~ 57 VDC output
Off: No PoE device is connected.